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Burt has been helping people "Create Success" since before 2012. Speaking at many events and in Feb of 2012, published a book on Amazon called, Created For Success.
Burt Richa'rd - Founder of RiskFree eCom and IMS Fulfillment Centers
Amazon is the Fastest and Easiest way to Build a Real Business
RiskFree eCom, can teach you...
"How to Build a RiskFree Business on Amazon."

This system has helped MANY people and can help YOU too.

Discover what is possible and begin earning money from the comfort of your home.
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Where can I get Answers to questions about RiskFree eCom prior to investing in this Opportunity?
You can send an email to: HelpDesk@RiskFREEeCom.com or you can
create a HelpDesk Account at:
 Create HelpDesk Account
then you can ask questions and a helpful representative can answer your questions.
RiskFree eCom Guarantee
What is the RiskFree Guarantee.
You have up to 15 days after purchase to request a no hassle, full 100% refund. 

During the first 15 days after you’ve invested in RiskFree eCom…you will be able to evaluate and even begin making designs for your Amazon business. HOWEVER, you will NOT be able to sell or Reserve the Rights to sell the design you’ve requested until after the 15 day refund period unless you’ve DOWNLOADED, SIGNED and RETURNED the Waiver of Refund.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The $39.95 Integration Fee is a service and is a non-refundable service fee.
HiJackers & CopyCats
Can my designs or products be copied?
After you have secured the Rights to Sell a design, NO other RiskFree eCom Partner can copy your design.

It is completely your responsibility to report if you suspect or see your design being sold by a RiskFree eCom Partner. Once reported, we can investigate to see if the design you are reporting is copy of your design. If so, then we can see which seller was the first to upload that design to Amazon.

However, we have NO control over other non-RiskFREEeCom Sellers on Amazon. They can attempt to copy your design and if you see that they have, you can contact Amazon, report that seller for copying your design and in most cases Amazon will pulled the copied listing from the seller who has copied your design.
What are IMS Hosting Credits
How do I use IMS Hosting Credits?
IMS Credits are the same as MONEY. Credits are often spontaneously awarded  during live trainings for participation and can be purchased from time to time on a 2 for 1 value. i.e. $100 would equal $200 in credits.  Watch Video

Credits can be used within the members area to purchase items like GraphicWorx to help you build your Amazon Business.
Can I purchase IMS Hosting Credits anytime I choose?
No...IMS Hosting Credits are awarded or offered spontaneously through-out LIVE trainings, during holidays and at anytime deemed necessary to MOTIVATE and HELP Partner Grow Their Business!
Billing & Refunds
What is refund policy.
You have 15 days from the date of purchase to refund your purchase for the membership training.

#2 Integration Fees are NOT refundable as that is a service that is being performed.

#3 GraphicWorx credits or purchases are NOT refundable. 
When do I need to start paying the $39.95 monthly fee to the Fulfillment Centers?
Only when you are ready to begin uploading your products into your Amazon store. It’s best to wait until you have about 10 to 15 products ready to go.

Then Upgrade your Proficient RiskFree eCom account to the Pro RiskFree eCom account by paying the $39.95 and gaining access to the Integration Level & Advanced Training.

Go here to upgrade: Pro RiskFree eCom 

Then make sure to follow the training in order to integrate your Amazon account with our fulfillment centers.
Saturation - Limited Opportunity
Will this Opportunity be OVER-SOLD like so many other course?
This opportunity is HUGE and as much as we would like to help EVERYONE...we simply choose NOT to go that route .

We are deliberately choosing to keep this huge opportunity to only a few hundred people.

This ensures that everyone who actually builds their business has an Great Opportunity to Build a Successful, Profitable Business Online Business.
Is this ONLY for Amazon? Can I build this business OFF of Amazon?
While we suggest you start with Amazon, (because of the Massive Amount of EASY, FREE Traffic...

YOU can build this business on any eCommerce Store or any Website of your choice.
General FAQs
Why are the Videos Blurry?
The videos are Super High Quality. In order to view the videos in a format you desire...

Simply start playing the video and in the bottom right corner, in front of the speaker icon, you have an HD icon.  There you can select the format or quality of the video.
Is there a Facebook Group?
No...While there are some advantages to having a FB Group, at this time, we believe it is much better for you to STAY FOCUSED on building your business. To often FB groups can be a distraction and a place to get a lot of mis-information.
Where can I get HELP?
You have access to our team of friendly HelpDesk professionals 24/7.

Tickets are answered in the order they are received and we always try to answer questions as FAST as humanly possible.
General FAQs
What is refund policy.
You have 15 days from the date of purchase to refund your purchase for the membership training.

#2 Integration Fees are NOT refundable as that is a service that is being performed.

#3 GraphicWorx credits or purchases are NOT refundable. 
Will I have a problem with other Amazon Sellers trying to HiJack my listing?
All of our products are protected and hijacking is NOT allowed. If you notice a HiJacker attempting to sell your design, you should follow the training in the members area to first identify the HiJacker and getting the HiJacker removed.
General FAQs
Can I integrate my Amazon account during the first 15 days (the refund period)?
Not normally. The only way to integrate is if you choose to sign the Waiver of Refund.
Can I integrate my Shopify Store?
YES...and it does NOT cost anything EXTRA to integrate any other store. We can integrate with most ecommerce platforms.
I worked really hard for abut 3 to 4 months...created a lot of products and did very little promotions. I got busy working on another project and practically ignored my RiskFree Business

However, my business kept growing and Amazon kept depositing checks from $2,000 to $2,500 and more every two weeks into my bank account !
-BAR - Happy Camper
I have been a partnered with RiskFree eCom for the better part of two years.  The email support is always professional. The fulfillment side of business is fast.

Do yourself a favor and strongly consider this venture.
-C. Gates
I recommend taking action - don't spend hours looking for the perfect product.

Once you find the product, follow the videos step by step and you'll have your new product design live in no time.
-Jeremy B.
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