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We have a LONG TERM vision for your business. We are always looking for products you can add to your business. We started with one and now we're growing and adding by one.
Burt Richa'rd - Founder of RiskFree eCom and IMS Fulfillment Centers
  Indoor Vinyl
Indoor Vinyl is used to create many things from Quote Wall Decals to Decorative Accents.
  Outdoor Vinyl
Outdoor Vinyl is seen mostly on automobiles, but can be used for business signage or outdoor decor.
  Dry Erase
Dry Erase Vinyl is Great for Dry Erase boards, labels, or writing notes for school.
Chalkboard Vinyl is FUN. Think about Restaurants, Coffee houses, Home Schools, labels and much more.
  Coffee Mugs
People love Mugs! Latte Mugs or Standard Mugs. People love to EXPRESS themselves with a mug.
  More coming soon.
We're ALWAYS looking for products YOU can easily create and sell with the best Profit Margins possible.
What a BRILLIANT and I MEAN BRILLIANT tutorial and training system you have created in the members area. It's so easy and intuitive...

I have had many years of buying products and being in membership areas and always started out excited and then as time went on...I lost the spark. But I must say that the 72 hour fast start is PURE Genius... and the fact that Burt just kept saying we are focusing on going fast and just getting up and running so we can revisit is so what is needed.
6 to 6 Figures - 

I became a 6 Figure Business and didn't even realize it.

I got busy with the sales during the holiday season and in September I went over 9K a month but didn't get the screenshot. 

It took 6 months to become a 6 figure business!
-Ryan R
These days I don't get excited that easily due to the amount of failures I had in the past, but I still try to remain positive.

However, to be honest, I couldn't have done it without the help of Burt Richard. His support, patience and dedication are the best I have ever had.

I say this from the experiences I had from other support programs in the past.
-Ferdy F
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